i find myself astounded by what the general population entertains. i also don’t quite know whether it is my duty to interject their comfort and frank ignorance or whether i should stifle my opinion. i know i have no control over what someone believes and i would be wise not to attempt to convince anyone of anything. but i know that part of creating a better world is policing oneself; one’s thoughts and behaviors and inclinations are ultimately within the realm of one’s own control. i know that a desire to do and be better has to be organic or it means nothing at all, especially it’s in the name of vanity. and i know that i can’t force that organic epiphany onto anyone, regardless of how urgently i believe someone could use a swift kick in the ass. this paralysis keeps me sheltered away from what i perceive to be the trivial and almost vapid interpersonal encounters that construct a monolithic facade in the face of impending and ubiquitous social, political, and existential quandaries. still, i can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility for the plain ugly things i hear/read/see and fail to address.

i think the most regrettable part of life in a postmodern society is the incongruities between what we need, what we know, and what we do about it.

Flying Lotus Kill Your Co-Workers

niggas won’t answer a text message but wanna screenshot hella snaps 

people who still say “tomboy”

stop it


Molly Strohl (USA) - 1,3: Jettison series  2,5,6,7: Star Dust series  4,8: Fine Arts series    Photography


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Artistic boys and nerdy boys are the best kind because they’re usually pretty sweet/in tune with their emotions and they like cool stuff. Date artistic/nerdy boys.

my whole life, i’ve had a recurring motif in my dreams: i can’t run no matter how hard i try. i read about that having associations with self-doubt and fear, and ever since i’ve had that on my mind. i realize how frequently i doubt myself or operate with apprehension. what am i so afraid of? how do i confront latent fears?