people who still say “tomboy”

stop it


Molly Strohl (USA) - 1,3: Jettison series  2,5,6,7: Star Dust series  4,8: Fine Arts series    Photography


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Artistic boys and nerdy boys are the best kind because they’re usually pretty sweet/in tune with their emotions and they like cool stuff. Date artistic/nerdy boys.

my whole life, i’ve had a recurring motif in my dreams: i can’t run no matter how hard i try. i read about that having associations with self-doubt and fear, and ever since i’ve had that on my mind. i realize how frequently i doubt myself or operate with apprehension. what am i so afraid of? how do i confront latent fears?

if your job makes you miserable just quit and you’ll feel 500% better

Above all, it should contain a sense of time and space. It’s easy enough to find basic information about a work of art; I read art criticism to learn about someone’s singular experience with it. Tell me how the temperature altered it, or what the light brought out. Ultimately, art criticism should be, by equal measures, grounding (context, history, etc.) and transporting.

And, of course, judgment— it’s perfunctory, but necessary. It should always be present, even if the final verdict is ambivalence. A review without judgment is just a press release.

Finally, a beautiful sentence never hurt.

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